The objective of the medical community and medicine is unclear. Both are useful in curing diseases, however, there still exists some disparity between modern day medicine and more natural homeopathic medicine. In the previous years there was a supremacy battle between homeopathic and chemically manufactured medicine and the latter won. The argument is that modern day medicine is resourceful in curing illnesses but is that what it really does? A headache affects you and taking aspirin cures it but affects the stomach. That is the norm; suppressing the symptoms but not curing the disease itself. Such practices turn out harmful and soon medical sciences will wake up to realize that they have caused more harm than good. Healthy measures such[…]

Homeopathy is highly effective in managing symptoms and complications arising during pregnancy and labor. It has turned out to be harmless and is therefore suitable for newborns, pregnant mothers and those who are allergic to other medications. These medicines are prepared using natural materials. Homeopathy during pregnancy Homeopathic medicines are regarded as precious since they are harmless during prenatal, natal and postnatal periods. Furthermore, they help in improving the pregnant woman’s wellbeing such as emotionally and physically. It has also been found out that pregnancy is the perfect time to offer homeopathic care since it benefits both the unborn baby and the mother at the same time. Observations made by homeopaths indicate that women, who were offered homeopathic care during[…]

Currently, obesity is one of the biggest problems facing many citizens. The ever rising usage of weight loss medication and diet strategies affirms this. Causes of obesity include: Sedentary lifestyle Depression Slow intestinal activity Hypothyroidism Polycystic ovarian disease and menopause in women Homeopathy provided a breakthrough in controlling weight gain in South Asia and Europe. It involves building a detailed case study of the patient then formulating the best remedy. Suitable treatment is established after comprehensive examination of symptoms. Exercising and watching what you eat is important in getting the results you wish for. Doing so alongside homeopathic medicine accelerates body metabolism, burning fat more. Homeopathic medicine for weight loss Calcarea carbonica This is the most suitable medicine for people[…]

The current health care industry is estimated to be valued at $100Bn. Through proper scientific input, there has been considerable improvements with time. Now, there are medicines, and technological input in diagnosis for efficient treatment. However there still are some lingering questions which need to be answered, flaws still bore through our systems in spite of all this growth. The medical system is currently based on making profits and even when a disease can be completely cured, the cost of medicine is unaffordable. Some of the chronic diseases are not cured for but medicine is prescribed just to keep the money flowing. Such practices lead to relapse of diseases. It is very irritating to know that a disease can be[…]

Original homeopathy pertaining to the use of a single homeopathic remedy, derived from the original is called ‘classic’ homeopathy. There are numerous remedies which can be used in homeopathy. However, you are not assured that the remedy used is effective. Complex homeopathy Hans-Heinrich Reckenweg introduced complex homeopathy when he realized the advantage that they have over using one drug at a time, increasing the chances of complete recuperation. Reckenweg also formulated the concept of homaccorde. This is where homeopathic medicine is altered to be able to cure more than one illness. Since no all that is taken in during homeopathy, complex homeopathy makes it possible to cover all these loop holes successfully using a smaller dose. Homotoxicology The new approach[…]

Homotoxicology The human body can heal itself automatically, for example, when you cut yourself. The healing power also includes illness. The study of how the human body eliminates toxins is Homotoxicology. The sternness of an illness depends on how the body can detoxify it. In most cases, toxins occur from excretions. This include; urine, faeces, and sweat. Nevertheless, the ability of the body to detoxify will depend on the body’s immune system. A weak immune system inhibits the ability. Through Homotoxicology, the human body has self-healing potential, which treats and prevents illness and disorders. Therapies related to Homotoxicology enhance and regulate the self-healing abilities of the body, thus, creating strength, which cleanses the toxicity. This further promotes the removal of[…]

This is a system of healing, scientific in nature, which stimulates the natural ability of the body in healing itself. According to Homoeopathy, symptoms are regarded as disharmony expressions within an individual. In other words, the person not the illness requires treatment. Remedies relating to Homoeopathy stimulate the defense system of the body enabling it to cure diseases naturally. You should note that Homoeopathy is neither herbalism nor naturopathy. To manufacture homoeopathic medicines, a process that dilutes an original substance to ensure no molecules of it are left in the end is employed. Remedies selected match recorded series of symptoms (over 200 years of use). Using Homoeopathy, the body fights existing conditions and assist in strengthening the immune system. Common[…]