Homotoxicology is mainly involved in elimination of toxins which disorient normal functioning of tissues and cells. Homotoxicologists believe that diseases are caused by toxins, and in order to regain normal health, homeopathic remedies have to be applied to get rid of them. Homotoxiclology is all rounded in its approach. It involves taking much of your time analyzing the soul, mind and body of the patient in order to create a link between the symptoms and expected remedy. Homotoxicology employs the body’s self-healing techniques to get rid of toxins. Advanced neuropaths combine homotoxicology with modern remedies and healing techniques. Such combinations make homotoxicology a powerful tool when all senses of the body are free of toxins. The meaning of “toxin” The[…]

A Holistic Approach Homeopathy is a gentle naturalistic technique of medicine. During treatment, you not only receive treatment for the medical condition but also mental, physical and emotional treatment. Stimulation of the body’s natural ability to heal and reduce symptoms is possible through homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy is the natural 21st-century choice solution for the 21st-century problems. Safe medication is administered which puts you back in control of your health offering the opportunity of turning your health around naturally. Health practitioners, as well as patients, agree that homeopathy relieves symptoms, address the cause of the illness, and improves the general health status of an individual. It is this reason, which makes it popular. To receive true healing, elimination of the causes[…]

Homeopathy and new Homeopathy complement conventional medicine In 1796, Samuel Hahnemann discovered traditional homeopathy. In the 1980s, Erich Koerbler (a scientist and journalist) developed the new Homeopathy. The European Union funds the new Homeopathy research as the ‘Leonardo davinci’ project. This kind of treatment is taught in a Germany college, Hungarian college and an Australian university. Homeopathy and the new homeopathy apply information onto a person and use water as the carrier of information. In homeopathy, there is initial application of a substance to water and dilution takes place until no molecules of the original substance remain. The new Homeopathy applies information as symbols and geometrical shapes directly. Symbols and Geometrical shapes used in the New Homeopathy treatment Symbols and[…]