Original homeopathy pertaining to the use of a single homeopathic remedy, derived from the original is called ‘classic’ homeopathy. There are numerous remedies which can be used in homeopathy. However, you are not assured that the remedy used is effective.

Complex homeopathy

Hans-Heinrich Reckenweg introduced complex homeopathy when he realized the advantage that they have over using one drug at a time, increasing the chances of complete recuperation. Reckenweg also formulated the concept of homaccorde. This is where homeopathic medicine is altered to be able to cure more than one illness. Since no all that is taken in during homeopathy, complex homeopathy makes it possible to cover all these loop holes successfully using a smaller dose.


The new approach in medicine that Reckenweg had was named homotoxicology. In homotoxicology, diseases are believed to be caused by toxins and relief is achieved after such toxins are ejected from the body. With homotoxicology, some electromagnetic frequencies can be used to induce toxin elimination from the body.

Homotoxicology is an efficient means of causing the body to naturally heal from traumatic injuries and illnesses at a faster rate.

Homeopathy is a safe method since there is the risk arising from a wrong dosage or remedy is null. There also are no ingredients used since the use of electromagnetic frequencies is what entails homotoxicology. Isopathy is a detailed and full approach towards homeopathy and homotoxicology. Isopathy employs the techniques used in homeopathy to come up with a nosode remedy. Nosodes act as inducing agent to the immune system, generating more action and awareness by the body.

Since the body is the main medium in healing, isopathic stimulus cannot be used for curative purposes. However, nosodes cannot be effective without a complex homeopathic procedure.

Also, there are some concepts of blockage of energy movement within the body that are not fully understood, and may not be fully treated. The initial step in diagnosing and treatment of blockage of energy is by the three phase Auricular Physiotherapy, an intricate procedure of acupuncture.

Homeodynamics is among the most recent technological breakthroughs derived from previous concepts of homeopathy. Homeodynamics is rooted in technology and mainly utilizes electromagnetic frequencies of numerous prevailing homeopathy techniques forming products that are easily used, and are more affordable than the individual medicine. Some of the complex formulas can be adapted to suit diverse needs of patients.

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