The current health care industry is estimated to be valued at $100Bn. Through proper scientific input, there has been considerable improvements with time. Now, there are medicines, and technological input in diagnosis for efficient treatment. However there still are some lingering questions which need to be answered, flaws still bore through our systems in spite of all this growth. The medical system is currently based on making profits and even when a disease can be completely cured, the cost of medicine is unaffordable. Some of the chronic diseases are not cured for but medicine is prescribed just to keep the money flowing. Such practices lead to relapse of diseases. It is very irritating to know that a disease can be completely cured but the price of medicine is not justifiable.

Homeopathy has the potential to cure AIDS and even cancer, answering many of the above queries. Nonetheless, the number of homeopaths still rises slowly due to ineffective training techniques and some homeopaths are still doubtful and spread the wrong information on how homeopathy works.

There is the need to facilitate proper practice of homeopaths since it is very complex compared other average medical procedures. It involves knowing everything that encompasses the patient from physiology, pathology, psychology and medical history. Once this is accomplished the homeopath has to assess the symptoms and prescribe the most effective medicines (reportorization). In case of terminal diseases, the homeopath has to continue treatment for several months while constantly monitoring the symptoms and if the patient is healing. This process is tedious if a manual system of operation is in use. With the advent of technology in homeopathy, treatment is easier and the doctor has more time to himself.

Up to now, the mode of operation of homeopaths is still manual and time consuming making it cumbersome. Technology integrates all practices undertaken including reportorization, medication, follow-ups among others, making it very resourceful.

Even with advancement in technology, most people still believe homeopathy is a dummy set to replace effective medical therapy. What surprises most is that people backing up this argument are prominent and influential personnel afraid that homeopathy will cause collapse of the $100Bn industry.

In the long run, the people who benefit most from homeopathy are common citizens and they should be actively involved in backing it up through several platforms. Soon homeopathy will become established providing affordable treatment to all economy classes.

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