Homeopathy is highly effective in managing symptoms and complications arising during pregnancy and labor. It has turned out to be harmless and is therefore suitable for newborns, pregnant mothers and those who are allergic to other medications. These medicines are prepared using natural materials.

Homeopathy during pregnancy

Homeopathic medicines are regarded as precious since they are harmless during prenatal, natal and postnatal periods. Furthermore, they help in improving the pregnant woman’s wellbeing such as emotionally and physically. It has also been found out that pregnancy is the perfect time to offer homeopathic care since it benefits both the unborn baby and the mother at the same time.

Observations made by homeopaths indicate that women, who were offered homeopathic care during pregnancy, gave birth to healthier children than others. This conclusion is made by comparing children whose mothers were not under homeopathy during pregnancy to those children of subsequent pregnancies where the mothers received the medications.

Homeopaths have clearly noted that these medicines work instantly if the right prescriptions are made. Homeopathy can also be used to treat jaundice for the newborn in one to three days as reported by homeopaths. This is in contrast with the typical management of jaundice that requires incubation of the newborn and exposure to phototherapy so as to resolve the condition in about three to fourteen days.

Safety of homeopathy during pregnancy

Over the years, homeopathy has always been regarded as secure when used during pregnancy though it is administered based on particular symptoms. There are factors that enable the homeopathic medicines to be considered suitable for use during pregnancy which include

  1. The medicines can be taken along with other medications since it has been proven that they have no side effect.
  2. They are availed in different strengths preferred during pregnancy such as potency of 3x to 30x and are highly diluted.
  3. They are manufactured in different forms including tablets and liquid forms though tablets are recommended for pregnant mothers.
  4. Homeopathy medicines form part of the innate system to protect the body and not just suppressing symptoms.
  5. They are highly effective since they are prescribed based on one’s condition.

Dangers related to homeopathic medicines

These medicines are made from natural materials such as herbs unlike conventional medicines that are prepared systematically with exact proportions. Therefore one should take caution by

  • Consulting a doctor for the right prescription before taking them.
  • Take the medicines in finite dosage.

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