The objective of the medical community and medicine is unclear. Both are useful in curing diseases, however, there still exists some disparity between modern day medicine and more natural homeopathic medicine.

In the previous years there was a supremacy battle between homeopathic and chemically manufactured medicine and the latter won.

The argument is that modern day medicine is resourceful in curing illnesses but is that what it really does? A headache affects you and taking aspirin cures it but affects the stomach. That is the norm; suppressing the symptoms but not curing the disease itself. Such practices turn out harmful and soon medical sciences will wake up to realize that they have caused more harm than good. Healthy measures such as proper diet, relaxation, and exercise are both preventive as well as curative.

Homeopathy’s long healing history

Homeopathic medicine has existed since long ago and it may seem that it has been a step ahead of biochemical medicine. Bread mold was used to cover up wounds in 1928 A.D. but recently, Sir Alexander Fleming discovered it was an antibiotic giving rise to penicillin. But still, modern medicine has its advantages and should also emphasize other preventive and treatment measures as well.

Prevention is better that cure. It is better not to get sick since medical personnel all specialize in unique fields. There may or may not be uniformity in what each doctor believes but it is not their job to train you on general hygiene.

Nonetheless, there is a point where all this makes sense. Some doctor may say take 1500 mg of vitamin B while the other 500 mg since an overdose is harmful. To the average person, this means that it is healthy to at least take some vitamin B supplement each day.

See your reaction to certain drugs and inform your doctor since only you know your body that well. The prevailing trend has been to give antioxidants. Regardless of the situation, doctors still agree that your health will rest on your diet. Diet is important and they advise that it be moderate in protein, regulated meat intake, and low in saturated fat.

Stay and eat healthy

Eat more of organic produce such as whole grains, seeds, nuts, vegetables, seeds, fruits. Eat lots of complex carbohydrates and abscond refined foods and sugars. Before going for medication and taking chemical medication, or surgical removal of vital organs, be sure to check out other healthier options.

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