Homeopathy and new Homeopathy complement conventional medicine

In 1796, Samuel Hahnemann discovered traditional homeopathy. In the 1980s, Erich Koerbler (a scientist and journalist) developed the new Homeopathy.

The European Union funds the new Homeopathy research as the ‘Leonardo davinci’ project. This kind of treatment is taught in a Germany college, Hungarian college and an Australian university. Homeopathy and the new homeopathy apply information onto a person and use water as the carrier of information. In homeopathy, there is initial application of a substance to water and dilution takes place until no molecules of the original substance remain. The new Homeopathy applies information as symbols and geometrical shapes directly.

Symbols and Geometrical shapes used in the New Homeopathy treatment

Symbols and geometric shapes are usage is in three ways.

There is painting of symbols directly to your skin with the aim of undoing blockages enabling the free flow of energy. The principles of healing in new homeopathy are also common in the acupuncture.

Water is the substance onto which the information and symbols being used is applied. Water’s ability to carry information makes it ideal as it influences the body. A person drinks the water.

There is distribution of symbols throughout a room to enable shifting of energies.

Side effects of New Homeopathy

No side effects exist as no substances are used. This makes it a safe healing technique for pregnant women, children, and those restricted in their medication intakes.

Rod divining – the diagnosing tool of the New Homeopathy

Detection of the energy fields’ disturbances is possible through a divining rod. The rod acts as an antenna in making the energies existing visible. Through these energies, a practitioner identifies blockages in the body, locate water veins, detect various toxins, determine intolerances caused by food, and assess allergies.

Diagnosis from an experienced practitioner is quick and results accurate.

Healing crisis

It refers to the continued rise of symptoms during the commencing of the healing reaction. The body works harder when a person begins to heal as toxins leave the body. Healing crisis is a healing sign. You must note that the symptom cause did not exist in the body and homeopath nor new homeopathy applied it. The healing crisis severity varies among individual. Not everybody goes through the healing crisis. Signs related to a healing crisis include; feeling of tiredness, headaches, or pains, experiencing sleeping problems, nightmares, skin irritations among others.

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