Homotoxicology is mainly involved in elimination of toxins which disorient normal functioning of tissues and cells. Homotoxicologists believe that diseases are caused by toxins, and in order to regain normal health, homeopathic remedies have to be applied to get rid of them.

Homotoxiclology is all rounded in its approach. It involves taking much of your time analyzing the soul, mind and body of the patient in order to create a link between the symptoms and expected remedy. Homotoxicology employs the body’s self-healing techniques to get rid of toxins.

Advanced neuropaths combine homotoxicology with modern remedies and healing techniques. Such combinations make homotoxicology a powerful tool when all senses of the body are free of toxins.

The meaning of “toxin”

The accepted definition of toxin is any substance which impairs or destroys living organisms. Since the environment is flooded with toxins, regular detoxification is necessary.

Endogenous and exogenous toxins

Toxins which are produced outside of the human body are exogenous toxins. These include

  • Chemicals
  • Air pollutants
  • Residues from allopathic medicine

These toxins are taken into the body through various openings of the body (lungs and others) and skin. The skin, liver, kidneys and mucus membranes are actively involved in eliminating homotoxins.

Exogenous toxins are derived within the body from metabolic wastes, adrenaline, histamine, nutrient deficiencies and other emotional and physical stressors.

If toxins rise to high levels in the body, they cause disease by suppressing the immunity, the endocrine system and nervous function.

Homotoxicology studies how diseases are caused by toxins. Toxins may dissolve in lipids or fats. They can then bind to extracellular matrix in the following ways:

  • Physically clinging to the extracellular matrix
  • Since they are positive, they get attracted to the negative charge of extracellular matrix
  • Binding to water

Homotoxicology vs. modern medical health care

It should be noted that homotoxicology is not a substitute to some of the standard medical procedures. Using your standard therapy alongside homotoxicology is advised.

After establishing a diagnosis, homotoxicologists usually treat harsh symptoms first before going for the disease. However, based on the harshness of the sickness, detoxification may be needed. For patients undergoing homotoxicology, they should know that sometimes symptoms worsen, but healing must be attained in the end no matter how long. Only recurring symptoms should worry.

Homotoxicology is more sequential compared to traditional medicine, and is compatible with many people undergoing it.

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