This is a system of healing, scientific in nature, which stimulates the natural ability of the body in healing itself. According to Homoeopathy, symptoms are regarded as disharmony expressions within an individual. In other words, the person not the illness requires treatment.

Remedies relating to Homoeopathy stimulate the defense system of the body enabling it to cure diseases naturally. You should note that Homoeopathy is neither herbalism nor naturopathy.

To manufacture homoeopathic medicines, a process that dilutes an original substance to ensure no molecules of it are left in the end is employed. Remedies selected match recorded series of symptoms (over 200 years of use).

Using Homoeopathy, the body fights existing conditions and assist in strengthening the immune system. Common illnesses treated with homoeopathy include;

  • allergies
  • headaches
  • eczema
  • food poisoning
  • digestion problems
  • respiratory infections
  • colds
  • fungus


Homotoxicology is a modern development extension of homoeopathy. The effects of the industrial revolution such as exposure to chemical pollutants prompted this development. The two methods emphasize on the stimulation of the natural ability of the body to counter illnesses and using formulas derived naturally to assist in the process of healing. Safe employment of homoeopathic remedies during pregnancies is possible due to the gentle nature of the remedies. Furthermore, it helps persons taking orthodox medication or those restricted from using conventional medication due to their condition.

Homoeopathic remedies in animal care, pet care and among farmers and veterinarians is common when treating animal conditions.

The history of Homoeopathy

The method has been in existence for close to 200 years. A German Doctor, Samuel Hahnemann developed it in 1796. Its foundation is on two principles; first, a symptom causing substance in a healthy individual can treat an unhealthy individual having the same symptoms. Second, Homoeopathy process involves the dilution of a substance (animal, plant, chemical, or material) in water (rigorously) or alcohol for some time until no traces of the original substance is left. The principle serves to show that the more a substance is diluted the more the power to treat symptoms.

Neither side effects nor addiction is associated with homoeopathic remedies. This is because a small portion of the primary ingredient is used. The portion is specially prepared before administration takes place.

The remedies’ actions are unique and assist in the stimulation of the body’s defense system to cure illnesses naturally. Herbalism and Naturopathy is not the same as Homoeopathy.

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