The human body can heal itself automatically, for example, when you cut yourself. The healing power also includes illness.

The study of how the human body eliminates toxins is Homotoxicology. The sternness of an illness depends on how the body can detoxify it. In most cases, toxins occur from excretions. This include; urine, faeces, and sweat. Nevertheless, the ability of the body to detoxify will depend on the body’s immune system. A weak immune system inhibits the ability.

Through Homotoxicology, the human body has self-healing potential, which treats and prevents illness and disorders.

Therapies related to Homotoxicology enhance and regulate the self-healing abilities of the body, thus, creating strength, which cleanses the toxicity. This further promotes the removal of homotoxins and resolving illness.

Symptoms of a disease can be treated using allophatic medicine. However, according to Homotoxicology, the cause of the illness is a result of toxin accumulation in the body whereas the symptoms are the body’s defense by eliminating the toxins. The body works through six phases when homotoxins are encountered. Theses phases aim to remove them to maintain the body’s health.

Stages of toxicity in the body

The bioaccumulation of homotoxins, how they transit from extracellular to intracellular relates to the progressive illness stage. They include;

  1. Excretion

In this phase, the body can cope with excretion as well as excrete toxins. Examples of the excretion phase include; diarrhea and a runny nose.

  1. Inflammation

Take a fever for example. It is an attempt of the body to regulate or neutralize the toxins, which were not removed during excretion.

  1. Deposition

It is asymptomatic in nature. The body stores toxins not removed. When symptoms of a disease occur, it is a sign that proper treatment has been taken to flush out toxins.

  1. Impregnation

After some time, toxins impregnate the body and penetrate into the tissues. This leads to severe damages of the body tissue and harsh symptoms of a disease are seen at this stage.

  1. Degeneration

Toxins destroy large cellular groups, which are found within the organs

  1. Differentiation

In this stage, the cellular groups differentiate as distinct cell forms. Tumors can form at the critical end of this stage.

Homotoxicology Treatments

Antihomotoxic formulations are employed to stimulate the detoxifying ability of the body. Furthermore, application of conventional treatments is also possible. However, they will rely on factors such as disease phase.

Treatment also emphasizes on having a healthy lifestyle and diet. For instance, living in polluted environment and consumption of foods treated with pesticides can inhibit the treatment. Other remedies include natural substances, which assist in excreting accumulated chemical toxins.

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